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Our Story

Sacramental Scribe™ was created for parishes out of need for a quality software program that is stable, flexible, and tailored to the needs of DREs, RCIA programs, Catholic Schools, Confirmation, First Communion, and Marriage Preparation. Sacramental Scribe is designed to complement your physical Sacramental Records and provide you an easy way to Look up Information, Find People, produce Certificates, and produce Request, Response, & Notification Letters.

We identified the need in our Parish for an easier and more reliable tool to keep backups of the physical Sacramental Records, and from that to easily produce Sacramental Certificates. Out of this need has come a wonderful program we created called Sacramental Scribe. We believe this tool might be of value to your parish.

In Memory of Minnie Nicolaus

It’s a vast improvement over the way we used to produce certificates!

Jean M.

Looking forward to more software products from Sacramental Scribe

Msgr Jose

Sacramental Scribe is the application we’ve been looking for, it does exactly what we need.

Father T.M.